As a user, you will be able to view your account detalis, organisation members and be able to connect or disconnect to Google. However, as an admin, you will be able to do more by viewing your subscription, assign roles for your organisation users and creating group to segmentize them.


Both Admin and User:

In your account, you can view and edit your details. The details that are only viewable are email, expiry date of the organisation and email usage.

There are a few fields that you are able to edit. The fields are listed below.

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Phone number

  4. Currency type (editing this will affect the pipeline board currency unless you change it in the board setting)

  5. Password

  6. Public username (used for the url in Appointment Module and Form Module)

  7. Profile Avatar

  8. Email Addresses (can add/delete alternative email addresses but your default email is not deletable)

If you have added an alternative email, a verification email will be sent to the email account. Do make sure to click on the link attached as this step crucial is to ensure the email you set is a valid email.

Both organisation admin and user are able to delete their account via the red button at the center bottom of the page.

Admin Only:

You are able to edit additional fields which are:

  1. Company Logo with text (viewable when the side bar is open)

  2. Company Logo only (viewable when the side bar is closed)

The Email Usage displayed is for both Email Campaign and Email Broadcast

Updating Your Profile Avatar


Admin Only:

Only admin will be able to view your subscription plan whether it's trial or paid. It will also show your plan expiry date. If you are on paid access and you have paid, the receipts will be shown here for your record.


Both Admin and User:

In the organisation section, it is visible to both admin and users. Here, you can find all the users that are in the organisation.

User Only:

User will be able to view the same information as the admin but the role is unchangeable and the action will not be available.

Admin Only:

What you can do is:

  1. Change your company name

  2. Edit the status of the users (either active or inactive status)

  3. Assign the role of the user (a user can only be assigned to one role)

  4. Add/Remove users in your organisation

In the Action column, you can click on the human icon to change an active user to an inactive user. You can change back the user's status by clicking on the icon again. Inactive users will not be able to log in to their accounts.

Admin will be able to assign roles that is configured in the role section to the respective users. Once the role is assigned to the user, the user's permission to view the module or to edit certain details will be according to the role permission.

Admin can set a user's role to super admin but it does not work vice versa. Thus, users are not able to change the roles themselves.

Invite a Member Into Your Orgnisation


Admin Only:

Groups is only accessible by admin. Admin can create groups for your organisation. If the user is in multiple group, the user will be able to switch between groups. This group applies for the leaderboard and now you can assign WA API number to the group.

Create Group


Admin Only:

Roles are only accessible and visible to admins. Admin can create roles with certain permission and assign it to the user. Admin may also edit or delete the role.

Create Role


Currently, up to date, you can only connect your Google account to Strive. You may import your contacts into our Contact module.

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