Our Email Broadcast works as an email blast. You will be able to send to multiple contacts at once. You can view up to 10 most recent email broadcast. Want to know the statistics of each email broadcast? Click on the email broadcast and you will be able to view the statics on the right of the email. With the help of the email provider, our system is able to capture the email statistics of your contact who successfully received the email broadcast, opened the email or unsuccessfully to receive the email. Curious to know who have opened your email or the contacts who couldn't receive the email? Simply click on the statistic bar and the list of contacts will be shown respectively to it's category.

On the top right of the email statistics, you will be able to see three icon. The first icon for the left, which looks like an eye is to preview the email content. The second icon is to duplicate the email content without any audience. The third icon is to delete the email broadcast.

From the email statistics, you can create contact list. For more info about Contact List , read here.

There are three simple steps involved to create an email broadcast. The steps and explanation can be found below.

Step 1: Fill the email content.

You can change the From name to either your company name or any preferred name. Do note that when you create an email broadcast, you are unable to change your email as it is verified by the email provider. If you want to have a more personalised content field, you can click on the merge fields and select the details that you want to display. For example, the merge field you chose was first name and last name. Your contact's first name is John and his last name is Doe. When your email broadcast is sent out, the content of the email will show John Doe. If your want to send a more graphic email contact, you can use the advance email builder. Precaution: when you switch to advanced email builder, the simple email builder content will disappear. The advance email builder is more of a drag and drop format. It is easy to use and you can reuse the template.

Step 2: Define your audience

You can choose from your list of contacts, tagging or individual contact for both of the audience and exclude audience. Exclude audience is optional but if there are contact in the list that you do not want them to receive the email, this method can help to solve the issue. Example, you chose to send to list #1, which has John Doe, Mary Jane and Jane Doe. However, you do not want to send to Mary Jane but she is included in the list. One of the easy way is by adding Mary Jane in the exclude audience.

Step 3: Select the timing

You can select either to send now or schedule time. If you chose schedule time to a further ahead time, the broadcast status will be scheduled.

The image below shows how the advance email builder looks like. You can drag the content from the right and drop it into the content box. Once you are happy with the content that you have built, you can save the template to reuse it another time. This way, you can save time instead of redesigning it again. You can also choose which template you want to use. If there is anything you wish to change after choosing the template, you can do so. In addition, you can download the template to use it for other use.

When you click on the Choose Template button, you can see in the templates with the preview like below. You can name each template and it auto saves the name for you. If you want to use the template, just select the picture of the template.

When you choose to preview the email broadcast, you will not be able to edit any of the details.

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