Our Contact Touchpoint sub-module allows you to keep a record of the interactions you have had with your contact. We have 2 main things about touchpoint which is the categories and outcome. Categories are the interaction or action between you and the contact while outcome is the result of the interaction. For our categories and outcomes, you are able to configure it so you could select from each respective list instead of manually typing it.

The touchpoints that you have added will be shown in a calendar like below. You can still view on your past months touchpoints just by selecting Previous.

Add Touchpoint

Step 1: Click on Add Touchpoint

Step 2: Fill in the touchpoint details.

Step 3: Click on the Add Touchpoint button.

If you are unable to click on the Add Touchpoint button, do make sure that you have selected the contact, category and date & time.

Touchpoint Categories

View Touchpoint Categories

To view the options for the touchpoint category, click on Categories.

Then you will be able to view the list of touchpoints that you have added. In addition, we have listed down several default categories for you as a guide on what touchpoint activity can you do to engage with your contact. If you can't find a category that you want, you may add in the category.

Add Touchpoint Categories

To add a new touchpoint category, type in the category you want to add, then click the Add Category button.

Update/Edit Touchpoint Categories

You may edit the touchpoint category just by editing the specific category and then click on the blue Update button.

Delete Touchpoint Category

It is simple to remove the touchpoint category. Simply click the red delete icon next to the category you want to remove.

Touchpoint Outcome

View Touchpoint Outcome

Outcome categories is the result of your touchpoint activities. You may add in your outcome categories.

To view the list of outcomes, click the Outcome button as shown in the image below.

Add Touchpoint Outcome

To add an outcome option, type in the outcome then click on Add Outcome.

Update/Edit Touchpoint Outcome

You can change the touchpoint outcome simply by editing it and then clicking the blue Update button.

Delete Touchpoint Outcome

To remove an outcome, simply click the red delete icon next to it.

Member's Touchpoint

Admin Only:

This feature is only accessible and visible to the admin of the organisation. The function of this feature is to view and track your organisation user's touchpoints.

View Member's Touchpoint

Step 1: Click on Member's Touchpoint

Step 2: Select the organisation user that you would like to view.

You may choose more than 1 organisation user.

Step 3: Click on Confirm

In the calendar, you will be able to view the touchpoints that the user has added.


For our Analytic feature, you will be able to view the summaries of the touchpoint activities that you have added within a certain duration range. The analytics consist of how many touchpoint categories that you have added and how many outcomes you have obtained.

User Only:

You will only be able to view the analytics of the touchpoints that you have added.

Admin Only:

You can view the analytics of both you and your organisation user's touchpoint.

View Analytics

Step 1: Click on Analytics.

Step 2: Select the date range for the analytic.

Step 3: Select the orgnisation user(s) that you want to view.

Step 4: Click on the dropdown.

Step 5: Then you will be able to view the summary of how many categories and outcome was added from the start date to end date.

Search Contact

Too many touchpoints and unable to find the touchpoint for a specific contact? Well, you can easily search just by typing the name in the search bar and select it.

There are two ways to view the touchpoints.

The first view is the timeline view. Upon clicking on the touchpoint timeline you will be able to see a historical timeline of the activities between you and your contact together with the date.

The second view is the calendar view. The other contact's touchpoints will be hidden so it will only show the touchpoints of the contact that you have selected.

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