All the contact that you have added or imported will be shown here in our Contact Module. We have divided the page into three columns. The column on the left is for the list of contacts, the center column is for the selection of activities and logged contact activities. The column on the right is for the contact's information and the activities viewing. At the upper right blue icon, there are functions to merge contacts, switch between table view and list view, download template, import template and export contacts.

There is no limit to how many contacts you can add in Strive.

There are three ways you can add contacts in Strive:

  1. Import your contact from Google Contacts into Strive's Contact by linking your Google Account

  2. Import your contacts via file import*

  3. Create contact

*There is a limit of 10,000 contacts if you want to import your contacts via file upload. So for example if you have 50,000 contacts that you want to import, you must only include 10,000 contacts in one CSV file then upload and repeat the process until you have uploaded all your contacts.

Contact Overview

In the left section, you will be able to view the list of contacts that you have created. If you are the admin, you will be able to view both the contacts that you have created and the contacts created by your organisation user.

At the top part of the second section, you will be able to view a few main details about your contact and the selection of activities.

At the bottom part of the second section, it will show the contact activities that have been logged down. The contact activities includes sending a broadcast to the contact, note added, touchpoint added, product purchased and many more.

On the right section, you can view the contact's details. If you have selected an activity, the respective details will be shown here too.

Create Contact

Step 1: Click on the + icon

Step 2: Fill in the contact's details then click on Add Contact.

Add Additional Fields in Contact

Configure your Contact's Status

Edit Contact

Step 1: Click on Edit at the right section of the page.

Step 2: Edit the contact details as needed then click on Save Changes.

Filter Contacts

To filter the contact, it is easy. Just click on the three horizontal line as highlighted in the image.

Filter By Contact Owner

The first filter option that you will see is the filter according to the contact owner. Just click on the contact owner that you want to filter then the contacts owned by the selected user will be shown. Both organisation admin and user will be able to filter unassigned contacts. You may change the contact owner from unassign to yourself if needed.

Organisation user will only be able to view and filter the contact that you have created.

Filter By Contact Fields

You may select more than one contact field to filter either if it matches or contains the value that you input. However, you can only filter based on one value of the selected contact field.

Filter by Creation Date

You may filter the contacts that you have created today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, this quarter, this year or within a certain range. Once you have selected, do make sure to click on Apply Filter.

Clear Filter

If you want the contacts to be shown without the filter, click on Clear Filter.

Contact Activities

There are 10 activities that can be found at the center top of the contact page.


You will be able to view on the reminders that you have previously created or you can create a reminder. The reminder can be prompted either in Strive or via email.


If you have any information regarding your client, you may view it all at the right side of the page.

Create Note

Step 1: Click on New Notes

Step 2: Fill in the note title and description

Step 3: Click on Create Note


You will be able to view all the touchpoints that you have added.

Create Touchpoint

Step 1: Click on New Touchpoint

Step 2: Fill in the details

Step 3: Click on Create Touchpoint

Edit Touchpoint


You will be able to view which deal(s) is your contact associated with.


You will be able to view all the campaigns that you have created. The campaigns without any email message are marked with the red exclamation mark.

Create New Campaign

If you want to create a new campaign, click on the New Campaign button then you will be redirected to the Campaign module.


You will be able to view the broadcasts that has been sent to your contact.

Create Broadcast

Step 1: Click on New Email

Step 2: Fill in the broadcast subject and message

Step 3: Click on Send Email

View Broadcast

To view the content of the email, click on the three vertical dots then select View Broadcast.


If you have any attachment, you may add them here then you can easily view the attachment

Upload Attachment

To add an attachment, click on Upload File then select the file that you want to upload.


If your contact has purchased a product, the product purchase log will be shown here.

Add Purchase

Step 1: Click on New Purchase

Step 2: Fill in the details

Step 3: Click on Make Purchase


You will be able to view the relationship status of your contact if they have previously purchased a product.

Merge Contact

Method 1: Via Selecting the Contacts and Merge Contact

Step 1: Select the Contacts then click on the three vertical dots. Then select on Merge selected contacts

Step 2: Select on the contact that you want as the primary contact.

Step 3: Click on Preview to view how the contact will look after the merge.

Step 4: Click on Merge

Method 2: Via Merge Contact Icon

Step 1: Click on the blue person icon then select the most left icon from the selection which is the Merge Contact

Step 2: Determine all the contact(s) that you want to be the primary contact.

Step 3: Click on Merge Contacts

Sync Google Contacts

To sync your Google Contacts, just click on the google icon at the top right of the page.

Steps to import contact

  1. Click on the blue icon located on the upper right corner. Then click on the third icon from the left to download the template.

  2. Fill in your contact's details into the downloaded template. If you want to add in more than one tagging for the contact, put an * before adding the next tagging in the column. If you are using Microsoft Excel, do make sure to save the file as csv utf-8. Saving the file in this file type can allow the system to read Chinese character or other characters.

  3. Click on Import Contact and select your unique fields. Unique fields are determined to identify if there are duplicates of contact based on the field. Select the file that you have saved and you will be able to view all the contacts in a table view. There are a few table to show if it is a new contact, an existing contact with changes or an existing contact. If you are happy with what you see, you can click on the Upload Contacts.

If the above steps are unclear, you may watch this video below for a better understanding.

Make sure that you have downloaded our Strive Template and entered your contacts details in the template. Do not remove the other columns although you do not require them. Once you are done, do make sure to save the template as CSV UTF-8 format.

Delete Contact

To delete your contact(s), select the contact(s) and click on the three vertical dots that will be replace the + icon. There will be delete selected contacts option. Furthermore, you can add the contact to an existing list or create new list. Another function is that we have is assign contact owner. The contacts that you have added are owned by you but you may assign them to another organisation user. The three horizontal like beside the + icon is the filter function. You can filter based on the contact owner, based on the contact fields and creation date. If you are the admin, you will be able to view the contacts that are owned your organisation users. As an admin, you will be able to configure the role for your user to be able to access or edit the contacts across the orgnisation. If you are a user without the configuration, you can only view your contacts and unassigned contacts.

How to Export Contacts

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