Getting Started


If your organisation involves event planning, this event module is definitely for you. Strive's event module is not just an ordinary event module because it comes with an attendance system. Our attendance system is designed for you to reduce the need to manually go through your audience name on paper to mark their attendance.

In each event, you are able to create multiple sub-events and add in your contact as audience in the event.

Create Event

Step 1: Click on Create Event.

Step 2: Fill in the Event Name. The Event Remarks is optional to fill in

Step 3: Click on Submit

Edit Event

Create Sub Event

Add Attendance

Step 1: Click on Add Attendance

Step 2: Select the contact(s) that have enrolled into the sub event

Step 3: Click on Submit

Remove Attendance

To remove your contact from the sub event, select the box on the left of the contact then click on Remove.

View/Mark Attendance

To view the attendance, click on the second icon from the left in the Actions column.

Method 1 to Mark Attendance

Click on the tick icon in the Mark Attendance column of the contact and in an instant, the contact will be marked as attended.

Method 2 to Mark Attendance

Select the boxes on the left of the contact(s) row then click on Attended. Using this way, you may mark the attendance of multiple attendees at once.

Delete Event/Sub Event

To delete the event or sub event, the steps/method are the same.

Method 1: Via Delete Icon

Click on the red trash can icon in the Actions column to delete the specific event or sub event

Method 2: Via Select and Delete

Select the boxes of the event(s)/sub event(s) that you want to delete then click Delete Selected.

View Individual Sub Event Analytic

To view the analytics of who has attended the event and who was absent, click on the fourth icon from the left in the Actions column.

Then you will be able to view the analytics in the form of a pie chart. When you hover your mouse over the pie chart section, you will be able to view the number of contacts who attended or have not attended.

View Overall Sub Events Analytics

Want to know your overall sub events analytics? Head over to the Sub Events Analytics section and you will be able to view all your sub-events summary at one glance.

At the top, you can view three cards that shows the sub event that has the highest attendance rate, lowest attendance rate and highest enrolment. Below the card, you will be able to view a bar chart of the attendance of the sub events that you have created.

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