Want to blast out your WhatsApp messages to your audience? Our WA API Broadcast module will be able to help you with that. Your audience will be able to receive the message through an authenticated business number.

Dashboard Overview

When you click on WhatsApp API broadcast, you will be able to see how many conversations you have sent out in the current month, how much of your free conversation you have used, an approximate cost if the conversation you sent out exceeds the free limit, and lastly, the total number of unique contacts that you have historically sent. The table displays the total number of recipients, total number of messages sent, total number of messages delivered, total number of messages read, and the broadcast status of each message. At the top right corner of the page, you will be able to switch between phone number is you have more than one phone number registered for our WA API.

Create WA API Broadcast

Step 1 : Click on the Create Broadcast button.

Step 2 : Fill in the details for the WA API Broadcast that will appear as below.

  • Firstly, type in the title of the broadcast message.

  • Secondly, select the template that you want to send to your audience.

  • Once you have selected the template, you will have an additional option which is to select the template language. The language shown will be the language that you selected when submitting the template for approval.

  • Fourthly, select the timing to send the message. You can either choose to send it immediately or on a specific date.

  • Fifth, you can resend the message on repeat monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. If not, you can just leave if as no repeat.

  • Lastly, add in your audience from the list of contact name, list or tagging.

  • Additionally, you may add in the audience that you want to exclude from the audience.

Step 3: You may either select Save Draft or Send Broadcast.

Save Draft will only save the broadcast.

Send Broadcast will save the broadcast and send out the broadcast to the audience that you have selected.

Add in Merge Field into Template

If the template you have chosen has variable/dynamic field or media type header, you will need to add in your merge field or media according to the media type you chose in the template.

To add in media header, click on Choose File then select the file that you want to add as the header.

The image below is an example of a template with variable/dynamic field. The variable {{1}} is supposed to hold the first name of the contact but currently it only hold the word First Name.

Therefore now, we will go into how to add in the merge field into the variable to make your message more personalized to your audience.

When you click on the View Merge Fields button below the box for variable, you will be able to see a merge fields list as below. There will be three type of details list : contact details, billing details and additional details.

You will need to copy the field that you want to paste in the variable box. To copy the merge field, just click on the Copy icon in the Action column as shown in the image below.

To use the merge field, click X on the merge fields list and paste the field that you had copied. In the preview, you will also be able to view the field that you had paste.

The reason why the merge field look like this is to enable our system to detect and match the field that you want to your contact thus enabling the message to be custom suited for them. Example, one of my audience's first name is John, the system will be able to detect that I want to replace the variable as my contact's first name and as a result, the message he received will be "Dear John You are awesome".

Step 3 : Click on the orange Save Draft button to save your message or click on the blue Send Broadcast to send out your message to your audience.

Edit WA API Broadcast

Step 1 : Click on the pencil icon in the Action column

Step 2 : Edit the fields as needed.

Step 3 : Select either to Update Broadcast or Update Broadcast & Reblast To All.

Update Broadcast will only save the changes you have made.

Update Broadcast & Reblast To All will save the changes you have made and send the message to your audience.

Delete WA API Broadcast

Method 1 : Via Delete icon in Action Column

Click on the red trash can icon in the Action column to delete the specific broadcast.

Once you have click on Delete Selected, a confirmation pop-up will appear as below. If you're certain you want to delete the broadcast, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Method 2 : Via Selecting and Delete Selected

In this method, you will be able to select multiple broadcast to delete at once.

Just select the boxes on the left of the broadcast and click Delete Selected at the top row.

Once you have click on Delete Selected, a confirmation pop-up will appear as below. If you're certain you want to delete the broadcast, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel.

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