The function of WA API Campaign is similar to WA Personal Campaign but it is more towards a professional level. At a glance, you'll be able to see the overall statistics of the total number of campaigns, total contacts enrolled, total messages sent in the last 30 days, and total messages sent in the previous year. On the top right corner, you will be able to switch between phone numbers to send out your message. You will be able to view the campaigns that is sent and the statistics will change according to its respective phone number.

Create WA API Campaign

Step 1 : Click on the Create Campaign button at the top row of the page.

Step 2 : Type in the name you want for the WA Campaign

Once done, click on the Create Campaign button located at the bottom right.

Step 3 : Optional. You can change your campaign name by editing the red highlighted box.

Once you have edited the name, do click on the Update Campaign Name button to save the change you made.

Step 4 : Click on the Add Message Step to add your first message.

Step 5 : Fill in the message that you want to send to your audience.

  • Firstly, fill in the title of the message.

  • Secondly, select a WA template from the list of templates that has been approved.

  • Thirdly, select the template language that will appear upon selecting the WA template.

  • Fourthly, if your template has variable/dynamic fields, you will want to add in the the merge fields to make your message personalized to your audience. The image below is an example of a template with variable/dynamic field. To add in the field that you want, click on View Merge Fields.

Scroll through the details and click on the copy icon at the most right of the detail that you want to use.

Then paste it in the variable/dynamic field box. This way, our system will be able to detect that you want to insert the contact's first name into the {{1}} variable. As an example, let's say my contact's name is Mary. When she receive the message, it will say "Hi Mary, Happy Chinese New Year".

  • Fifthly, select the time/date to send the message. You can either send instantly, on specific date, after X days enrolled, or on certain time and date of the week.

  • Lastly, set if you would like to set up a no reply policy. No reply policy means that if there is no response within the time frame you have defined, the action that you have selected will be executed. If you chose to perform action, you will be able to set which campaign that you would like to trigger if certain audience did not reply within a specific duration.

To add more message step, click on the green + icon that is located at the most bottom of the page.

Step 6 : Add in your audience from the list of contact name, contact list and tagging.

Step 7 : Optional. Add in your contact which you would like to exclude from receiving the message. You can select from either specific contact name, contact list or tagging.

Step 8 : Click on the Update Campaign Contact once you have done adding your audience.

Upon click on it, the message will be sent out according to the date/time you have set in the message step.

Edit WA API Campaign

Step 1 : Click on the campaign that you want to edit.

Step 2 : Edit the message step as needed.

Step 3 : Edit your audience or exclude audience.

Step 4 : Click on the Update Campaign Contacts to save the changes and send your messages.

Delete WA API Campaign

Click on the three dot located at the top right of the campaign. You will be able to find the Delete option.

Once you click on the Delete option, a pop-up will appear as below. If you are sure that you want to delete, click on OK. If you decided not to delete it, click on Cancel.

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