Our email campaign module's main function is to automate several email blast according to the timing you selected. You can set multiple emails in each campaign. There is a distinct different between email broadcast and email campaign. For Email Broadcast, you will write out the email content, define the audience then set the timing to send out. In contrast to that, Email Campaign requires you to save the campaign name, write out the email content, set the timing, save then only define your audience.

The format for filling in the email campaign is similar to email broadcast. You will only need to define your audience after you have saved the campaign. There are a few timing selection to choose from. The options are send instantly, send before X days, send after X days, send at a specific time. If you chose to send before X days, there will be extra fields for you to fill in which is whether you want the date to be a fixed value or a variable. A variable is determined by another module. If you chose the date to be a specific date, you will need to determine the X date. Let's say that you chose to send after X days and the number of days you set is 2 days. When you add an audience, the email message will be delivered to the respective audience after 2 days.

Once successfully done saving the campaign and the next step you want to do is add in the audience. Click on the campaign to edit and you'll be able to see the View Audience button located at the top right. Click on it and your can add in your audience. You can also edit your messages if you feel that there is something that you want to change or you can delete or add more messages

Upon adding the campaign audience and click Save, the campaign messages will be sent out according to the date and time you have set. For our campaign audience we have an additional field which is you are able to send out to all the contact that is owned by the organisation user selected. The contact(s) who unsubscribed to the campaign will be logged and shown in the list view.

Our Email Campaign statistic is similar to email campaign which can generate the statistic. Despite that, there is one thing special about our email campaign that is, it can retrieve the individual campaign stats. You are unable to create contact list from the campaign statistics but you can view it by clicking on the individual campaign category.

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