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Our Email Mailing List function is like any other mailing list which enables your contact to unsubscribe from the email broadcast and email campaign. By doing so, you will be able to avoid your email from being blacklisted and your contact has the choice to either continue receive the emails or not receive anymore via unsubscribing.

Create Email Mailing List

Step 1 : Click on the Create button on the top left.

Step 2 : Fill in the List Name

Step 3 : Click on the Create button on the Create button on the bottom right of the pop-up

Edit Email Mailing List

To change the mailing list's name or type, just click the pencil icon in the Action column.

If the list type is changed to normal, the WA API mailing list will be removed. In addition, if the list type is changed to WA API Mailing List, the list will be moved to the WA API Mailing List sub-module.

Do note that the Round Robin is only accessible for admins.

Once you have done editing the mailing list, just click on the Submit button located at the bottom right of the pop-up.

Add Contact(s) into Email Mailing List

Step 1 : Click on the third icon from the left in the Actions Column.

Step 2 : Choose the checkboxes to the left of the names you want to add to the mailing list.

Step 3 : Click on Add Contacts that is highlighted in the image below.

View Contact(s) in Email Mailing List

Click on the eye icon in the Actions Column to see who the contact(s) in the mailing list are.

You may view the contact(s) on the mailing list as well as their subscription status here. If the contact's subscription status is unsubscribed, the respective contact would not receive any email although the contact is in the list.

If an email broadcast is sent using the mailing list, any contacts who unsubscribed can be seen here at the subscription status.

In contrast, if an Email Campaign is sent using the mailing list and a contact unsubscribes, they will no longer receive emails from that specific campaign, but they will continue to receive emails from other campaigns and broadcasts.

Export Email Mailing List

All the contact(s) in the mailing list together with their information will be exported when you click on the forth icon in the Actions Column.

Delete Mailing List

Method 1 : Via Action Delete Icon

You can easily delete your mailing list just be clicking the icon located at the most right in the Actions Column.

Method 2 : Via Select and Delete

In this method, you will be able to select multiple mailing lists to delete at once.

Step 1 : Select the boxes on the left side of the Mailing List

Step 2 : Click on Delete Lists at the top left of the page

More Info

For more info, check out the videos below.

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