There are some distinct difference about WA API and WA Personal. The information below is about WA API:

  • Directly linked to WA, where you must create an account to prove that you are a registered entity in order to use WA API.

  • Once you've signed up, you'll have to use a number to connect directly with WhatsApp, which means you can no longer use your regular WhatsApp from your phone.

  • There are restrictions set by WhatsApp, so if you want to send a message, you must apply for a template and get it approved then only you can send the message to your audience right away.

  • You will be able to apply for a green tick for your company name, but the decision will be entirely up to WhatsApp. We will definitely try our outmost best to get the green tick for you

You may click on the list below to find out more in-depth regarding it's sub-module.

More Info

For more info, check out the videos below.

  • WA API Module

  • How to Apply for WA API Template

  • How to setup WA API Chatbot

  • WA API Mailing List Module

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