When you add contact, if you have filled in the company name, the companies will be aggregated in this Contact Company sub-module. The Contact Company sub-module is shown in the figure below. You will be able to view the contacts in the company. Another way to create company is via the Create Company button located on the most left of the rows of buttons. You can switch the display from table to list for a more graphical representation.k

Creating or adding a company via the Create Company button is simple. Most importantly add in the Company Name. If you know the company's industry and location, feel free to add it in. If there are contacts are under the company but you did not add the company in their contact details, you may select them at the most bottom row.

Furthermore, we have a feature that enables you to consolidate the companies into a single, large group. You can edit the company group via the pencil icon to add in the other companies into the group or delete certain companies from the group. You can delete the whole group by clicking on the red trash can located on the most right of the group name.

When you click the Create Company Group button, all you have to do is enter the group name and select the companies you wish to group together.

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