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Do you face any of the issues below?
  • Difficult to keep track of your appointment bookings
  • Not having a proper page for your audience to book an appointment
  • It's difficult to keep track of all the appointment events
  • Constantly have to check your calendar when your audience books an appointment with you
Our Appointment module is specially built to combat those issues. You will be able to view all your appointment events and scheduled events all in one place.

Appointment Overview

Upon clicking on the Appointment Module, you will be able to view the appointment events that you have created.
Appointment Event Overview
Once an appointment has been booked, both of you will be notified via email and your audience will be added into your contact in Strive if they are not in your contact yet. You can view the booking at the Scheduled Events section. From here, you can track your upcoming, today and past bookings.
Something came up and you are unable to attend the appointment? You can still cancel a booking if it's an upcoming appointment. Once you have canceled the appointment booking, you and your invitee will be notified via email of the cancellation.
When you click on the arrow on the right of the booking, more details of the contact including the answer of the questions will be shown. Not just that, you will be able to add notes to the contact directly from here.
Appointment Scheduled Events
To those who normally use Google Meet or Google Calendar, we have good news for you. You can connect your Google account to link your calendar to the appointment events.
Once you have connected your Google account, you will be able to select the calendar(s) to check for conflicts and a calendar to add the booking into. It is not a must to select the calendars but it is highly recommended.
If there are event(s) in your calendar during the time slot, the event time slot will be reflected and blocked out accordingly.
Appointment Setting

Create Appointment Event

If you are still unclear about the steps on how to create an appointment event, you may watch this video below.

Edit Appointment Event

How To Access Your Appointment Event?

Just click on the Copy Link then send the link to your leads/client.

How To Book an Appointment?

Step 1: Select the date and time that you want to book.
Appointment Event View
Step 2: Fill in the questions.
Step 3: Click on Confirm.

Delete Appointment Event

Step 1: Click on the three vertical dot at the right of the appointment event.
Step 2: Click on Delete Event.
Step 3: Click OK on the delete confirmation pop-up.
By deleting the appointment event, the scheduled and past bookings will also be deleted
Last modified 9mo ago