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Do you want to do market research, customer satisfaction, product surveys, or other types of surveys efficiently? Try out our Form module because we have an additional feature which is form analytics.

Form Overview

In the Form page, you will be able to view all your forms in a list view. You can track how many audience has viewed your form or submitted a response. The submission rate is formulated based on the number of submissions over the number of views multiply by 100 percentage.
Form Overview

Create Form

Edit Form

Step 1: Click on the pencil icon to edit the form.
Step 1 to Edit Form
Step 2: Edit the form as needed.
Step 3: Click on Save Edit.
Step 3 to Edit Form

Delete Form

Method 1: Via Delete Icon in Action Column

This method is quite straightforward as you will just need to click on the red trash can icon that is at the most right of the form.
Method 1 to Delete Form

Method 2: Via Selecting and Delete

If you have multiple forms to delete, it is recommended to use this method as you can select as many forms as you want to delete. Once you have selected, just click on Delete as shown in the image below then a confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on OK then the selected forms will be deleted.
Method 2 to Delete Form

Close/Reopen Form

If you have decided to close the form or reopen a closed form, you can head over to edit form. Then the toggle to close the form or open the form can be found in the Responses section as shown in the image below.

Sending Form to Respondents

How will your respondents access the form? It's simple, just click on the Copy Link icon then send the link to your audience.
The form is only accessible to others if the accessibility is set to public

Respondent's View

The image below shows an example of how the form page will appear to your respondent/audience.
Respondent's View of the Form

View Responses

Step 1: Click on the pencil icon.
Step 1 to View Responses
Step 2: Head over to the Responses section.
Step 2 to View Responses
There are 2 type of views for the responses.

Summary View

Summary Submission View

Individual View

If the response is inadequate or inappropriate, you may delete it via the red trash can icon on the left of the Form Accessibility option.
Individual Submission View

View Analytics

Currently we have 3 main information that is displayed for the individual form analytics. It is the total number of views, conversion rate and total submissions received. We will be adding more information in the near future.
The number of submission and number of view is unique based so if the same person view the form or submitted multiple responses, it will still be counted as one submission or view.
Form Analytics

How to Fill in the Form?

View this video to find out 🔎.
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