The aim of our Converse Analytics is to provide visual statistics of your Converse tickets and WA API Broadcast messages.

The statistics will reflect in accordance with the start date and end date you have set.

Converse Statistics

There are six graphs that contain crucial and helpful information that will help you understand your converse tickets.

Want to keep track of your statistics? Well, you can download the specific stats then you will have a copy so you can view back or keep track.

You can download either in SVG, PNG or CSV format. Downloading in CSV format will allow you to view on the daily stats value of the duration you have set.

Broadcast Statistics

There are 4 main information that can be tracked from the WA API Broadcast messages that were sent out. The information shown in the bar graph is:

  1. Sent rate

    - the rate of messages sent out to your contacts

  2. Delivery rate

    - the rate of the messages successfully delivered to your contact

  3. Bounced rate

    - the rate of messages that was not received by the contact. Possibly due to invalid phone number, blocked from your contact or other reasons

  4. Read rate

    - the rate of the messages that has been opened or read by your contact

How the information is calculated

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