Wish to have a chatbot which can automatically reply to the message? We got you covered.

Strive has a chatbot system which can help you automatically send message, image, document and many more action type to choose from. You are free to create multiple chatbots to help increase your productivity and efficiency.

We have two types of chatbots:

  1. Keyword based: if a client replies a message consisting of the keyword, it will trigger the chatbot.

  2. Condition based: if the condition is true then only the chatbot will be triggered. The chatbot is based on the channel. Despite being enabled, the chatbot won't function if the message channel that the contact sent is excluded.

Set Up Chatbot

The process to create the chatbot is fairly easy.

Do note that the keyword is not case sensitive. Let's say you determined the keyword as "Enquiry" and your client replies "enquiry", the chatbot will still be triggered to perform the action you have stated.

Message/Action Type Available

The following are the action types that are supported by our Chatbot.

  1. Reply Action refers to the chatbot replying to the message with the selected format.

  2. Strive Action is action that will be carried out within Strive to create deal, move the deal, create or update the contact and many more.

The condition action type involves if, else if and else statement to allow you to continue the flow to another chatbot depending on the condition.

Swapping Step

If you have more than one step, you will be able to swap the steps via the arrow icon.

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