Converse allows you to communicate with your client through Strive. Our Converse module is accessible on both our website and mobile app called Strive Go.

As of to date, we have two chat channel which you can connect. The chat channels are Facebook Page Messenger and WA API.

For WA API channel, can connect all the numbers that you have registered into Converse. However, for Facebook Page Messenger channel, you can only connect one page.

In the near future, we will enable Facebook Page Messenger to connect more than one page and add more channels example Instagram, Telegram, Wechat and others.

Linking your Channels

Click on Chat Channels then click Connect Now for the channel that you would like to link. Fill in the required information. Once you are done filling in the details, you will be able to receive messages.

Converse Overview

Before we view on each respective ticket status section, let's go through the overview of the page. There are three columns so let's break it up a little to understand the structure of it.

Left column: Displays the tickets

Center column: Displays the messages

Right column: Displays the contact information

The image below is an example of a resolving ticket. From the ticket, you will be able to view a few information that includes:

  1. Sender's display name/name saved

    • If you have not save the sender as contact, it will show the sender's display name

    • If you save the sender as contact, it will show the name that you have saved the contact as

  2. Sender's phone number

  3. Message content that they sent

    • It will only show a snippet instead of the full message if the message is too long

  4. The phone number they sent to

    • As shown in the image, it shows Strive but in your case, it will show the display name of your phone number.

    • You can hover over the display name to view on the phone number

  5. Ticket status

    • Shows if the ticket is still active or has expired


  1. Pending tickets are visible for all organisation users

  2. Resolving tickets are only visible to the user who accepted ticket. Once the ticket is delegated to another user, the respective user will only be able to view the ticket.

  3. Resolved ticket is visible to all the organisation users.

Pending Ticket

Pending queues are new ticket sent by your clients/contacts to you via the respective channel. To accept the ticket, you can click on the ticket and select Accept. Then your ticket will move to the Resolving Tickets section.

You can only reply to your client/contact when the ticket is in the Resolving Tickets section.

Resolving Ticket

The image below is a sample of a resolving ticket.

If the contact has been added or linked already, the contact details will be shown on the right. You can edit the contact, add touchpoint, view notes and send WA API broadcast from this page itself. If you want to unlink the phone number and the contact, you can do so by clicking on the Unlink Contact button. If your contact has not been added yet, you can add the contact or link to an existing contact. In the sample, the ticket is expired because the ticket is over 24 hours. Each ticket will only lasts 24 hours.

Do note that you will not be able to respond or reply to an expired ticket

You may delegate the ticket to another user of the organisation to for them to respond to the message. Once you and your contact have finished conversing, click the Resolve button to transfer the ticket to the resolved section.

If the timer has run out and you want to send message to the contact, you may do so by sending a WA API Broadcast with call to action buttons to increase the chances of them replying.

If you want to send an image or document, you can drag and drop the file into the area above that chat field.

Additional Information

At the bottom where you type the message that you would like to send, you may click on the emoji icon to add emojis into your message. Then at the plus icon, you can attach file or image. At the most right of the highlighted area, you can do voice recording to send to your client/contact.

You can now respond to messages with emojis and see the emojis to which your contact has responded.

Converse Setting

You will usually receive a notification whenever a new message has come in. However, you can configure the notification by clicking the Setting button at the top row. You can enable or disable the notification.

You may select to enable or disable Auto Creation. Auto Creation allow a contact to be created upon receiving the first ticket/message based on the name/information. Contacts that have already been added will not be affected by the Auto Creation selection.

If you are the admin of the organisation, you will be able to view the Round Robin option. It is to distribute the message to your organisation members. Make sure to click on the Save Changes button to save the settings.

Converse Filter and Sort

Sort Feature

When you click on the up down arrow icon, you will be able to view as shown in the image. From there, you can sort the tickets from the newest first or oldest first.

Filter Feature

You may filter the ticket to only show unread messages, ticket owner or channels.

Strive Go Converse Module

The following is an example of the Converse in our Strive Go app.

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